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We will no longer provide complimentary bridal consultations in 2019 or in the future.

We still hope to service you in the New Year.

We are off to a great 2019 bridal booking season and appreciate each bride who has inquired about services, referred fellow brides and have booked or will soon be booking. Unfortunately, after careful consideration we have chosen to discontinue complimentary bridal consultations with booked packages effective January 6, 2019. For brides who have booked on or before this date your coupon will be honored. For brides who have not booked, only have contracts, or have yet to book by this date the coupon is no longer valid and will not be honored. While we hope this doesn't change your desire to book with us for bridal 2019, but we truly understand. This offer was simply promotional and not a guaranteed or contracted service. We are under no obligation to provide notice or reasoning. This offer was simply promotional. We appreciate your business. We are looking forward to working with you soon.

Congratulations on your engagement!


Meagen AnnMarie

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